Monday 14 May 2012

Rafferty Rules are very happy to announce that recordings for the vocals are now complete in 4 out of 9 brand new songs of our upcoming full release for 2012! We are so very eager to bring these songs out to you and the time for a first sample is closing in!

Until then, a small teaser wouldn't hurt, would it? So here's the deal:
- Once our Official FB page has reached 1.000 likes, we will have no choice but revealing the entire songlist of the new album.
- If you go as far as producing 1.500 likes, the title of the album and a download link for our first single with full artwork will become available to all of you as a token for your endless support throughout the years!

So there you go, do your little magic, let your friends know about us and make sure your enemies find out as well!

Always with Respect,
Rafferty Rules